This rock star swore at Paul McCartney about one of his songs, according to Paul McCartney.


This rock star swore at Paul McCartney about one of his songs, according to Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney has composed many of the most well-known songs of the twentieth century by himself. He did, however, imagine another popular songwriter giving him a scathing piece of advice. Here’s the artistic decision that led Paul to imagine another popular songwriter cursing at him.

Paul McCartney anticipated a negative reaction from his fans to one of his songs.

Auto-Tune is where it all begins. Auto-Tune is a piece of software that allows musicians to correct their pitch, but it can make an artist’s vocals sound overly processed and robotic. It’s divisive because some see it as a way to hide bad singing. Others, on the other hand, see it as an innovative studio tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

Paul revealed that he used it on his single “Fuh You” during an interview with GQ. “I’m sure people will exclaim, ‘Oh no!’ Paul McCartney is suffering from Auto-Tune! ‘What have we come to?’ McCartney elaborated. “I have Elvis Costello in the back of my mind thinking, ‘F*cking hell, Paul!’”

Paul McCartney’s performance of this Beatles song was deemed “disconcerting” by one rock star.

Paul was referring to his collaborations with Costello on the album Flowers in the Dirt, as well as other projects. According to The Washington Post, the singers struggled to collaborate. Costello also left the studio at one stage because their dreams for the song “The Day is Over” were too dissimilar. Paul wanted the song to sound new, while Costello preferred an older sound.

Elvis Costello’s reaction to Paul McCartney writing songs that weren’t so easy

Costello responded to Paul’s words in an interview with Rolling Stone. He exclaimed, “I love that quote!” “’No, McCartney!’ Not when we were writing, but when we were producing together, we had those kinds of discussions. “It was as if the words just flowed.”


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