This Is What Chandler Would Be Doing in 2021, According to Matthew Perry of ‘Friends’


This Is What Chandler Would Be Doing in 2021, According to Matthew Perry of ‘Friends’

Friends may have ended its run in 2004, but it lives on in the hearts of its admirers. Since the series ending, the show has been in continuous syndication.

With a much-anticipated reunion scheduled to air on HBO Max on May 27, more people than ever are discovering the world of Friends – and falling in love with all of the quirky, wonderful characters. In a preview from the upcoming reunion special, the actors who played the characters discussed what they anticipate their characters will do in 2021, and Matthew Perry had a very specific suggestion.

On ‘Friends,’ who did Matthew Perry play?

Perry was born in the state of Massachusetts in the year 1959. As a young guy, he was sporty and participated in lawn tennis, eventually becoming a top-ranked junior player.

Perry eventually chose to pursue acting and relocated to Los Angeles when he was 15 years old to try to break into the industry. He got his big break on television after a few years of learning improv comedy and auditioning for various roles. He appeared in the TV series Second Chance.

Perry continued to act on television throughout the late 1980s. However, he was unable to get the role that would propel him to stardom, and it wasn’t until 1994, when he was hired as Chandler Bing on the new television program Friends, that he made a lasting impression on reviewers and audiences.

Perry, like the rest of his Friends castmates, rose to fame and became part of the new generation of television celebrities.

At the end of ‘Friends,’ what happened to Chandler Bing?

Exclusive Friends Reunion! Go Behind the Scenes of the ‘Emotional’ HBO Max Special with the 6 Stars.

— People (@people) May 19, 2021

Is Joey and Chandler a real-life couple?

Every character in Friends was unlike any other leading guy on television, and Chandler Bing was no exception.

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