This 1990s rock star spent ‘years’ in his room attempting to imitate Led Zeppelin songs.


This 1990s rock star spent ‘years’ in his room attempting to imitate Led Zeppelin songs.

John Bonham of Led Zeppelin is so influential that one well-known drummer spent “years” listening to his music in his bedroom. Following that. This drummer later became a member of two of the most influential bands of the 1990s. Here’s what he said, as well as how famous this rock star is in comparison to Bonham and co.

Why did this 1990s rock star listen to so many Led Zeppelin songs?

A list of the 100 greatest artists of all time was published by Rolling Stone. Each entry on the list was accompanied by an essay written by a well-known musician. Led Zeppelin was ranked No. 14 on the list by the magazine.

The essay for Led Zeppelin’s entry on the list was written by Dave Grohl, a rocker best known for his work with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. This is noteworthy because Nirvana’s sound and that of Led Zeppelin are strikingly similar. During their early years, Nirvana also recorded a song called “Aero Zeppelin.” “Aero Zeppelin” is a tribute to the work of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, as the title suggests. Grohl claimed in his essay that he believed in the latter band when his faith in Christianity began to wane.

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Grohl spoke about Bonham’s effect on him. “John Bonham played the drums like he had no idea what was going to happen next — like he was on the precipice of a cliff,” he said. “No one has come close since, and I don’t think anyone will ever come close. He is, in my opinion, the greatest drummer of all time. He said, “You have no idea how much he affected me.” “I spent years — literally f*cking years — in my bedroom listening to Bonham’s drums and attempting to mimic his swing, behind-the-beat swagger, pace, and strength. Not just remembering what he said… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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