‘They Want You To Get Vaccinated,’ Nicki Minaj explains why she didn’t attend the Met Gala.


‘They Want You To Get Vaccinated,’ Nicki Minaj explains why she didn’t attend the Met Gala.

Nicki Minaj isn’t ready for the COVID-19 vaccine, and even the Met Gala couldn’t persuade her otherwise.

On Monday evening, the 38-year-old musician took to Twitter to inform that she would not be attending the Met Gala in 2021 due to the vaccine mandate. She also stated that she will not be getting immunized for the fashion event.

“They want you to get vaccinated for the Met,” says the narrator. It won’t be for the Met if I get vaccinated,” Minaj wrote. “Once I’m satisfied that I’ve done enough research,” she says. I’m currently working on it.”

“Be safe in the meantime, my loves,” she concluded. “Wear the mask with the two cords around your head and face. “Not that haphazard one.”

Users on social media were divided as a result of the message.

“Good news!” remarked one user. That has already been done for you by doctors. Vaccinate yourself. “You’re being selfish and irresponsible,” one user defended Minaj, adding, “That’s a good call.” Because this vaccination is so new, it’s best to be cautious and wait for more research.”

“The blogs drag this,” one individual commented, “though I can see it now.” “Who cares what blogs are going to do?” Minaj responded. You guys are always concerned about blogging. This is my genuine f–n life. They have the ability to choke.”

A fan said that after getting vaccinated, their father developed a blood clot in his left eye and became blind. “I’m sorry babe,” the rapper tweeted after retweeting the post. Omg.”

Minaj also told the story of a cousin of hers.

The rapper wrote, “My cousin in Trinidad won’t receive the vaccine because his pal got it and became impotent.” “His testicles swelled up. His friend was set to marry in a few weeks, but the girl decided to call off the wedding. So just pray about it and make sure you’re comfortable with your decision rather than feeling pressured.”

The rapper also chastised the media for employing deceptive headlines. The “Queen” actress said that some newspapers were purposefully disseminating false information about her.

“Please show me where I stated that I am ‘concerned about’ anything. Yes. She tweeted, “I’m delighted you people get to witness how the media REALLY operates.” “I’ll contact them, as well as others.”

The rapper was last seen in August of last year in the music video for “Expensive.”


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