The Worst Thing Kody Brown Has Said About Each of His 4 Wives in “Sister Wives”


The Worst Thing Kody Brown Has Said About Each of His 4 Wives in “Sister Wives”

Kody Brown spent the whole of Sister Wives season 15 explaining why he was no longer happy with his polygamist lifestyle. The patriarch of the Brown family dropped a shock when he stated that he could no longer support many families. While the public admission was surprising, fans have long suspected that Kody had been unhappy in each of his four marriages. He’s spoken some pretty nasty things about each of his four wives throughout the years. Do you recall his most venomous remarks?

On Sister Wives, Kody stated that he had no attraction to Meri Brown and has no desire to be intimate with her.

Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, is no stranger to him. Sister Wives has been following their marital drama since 2015. Meri’s catfishing incident appears to have shattered their relationship for good. That is, family members insist, which is understandable. Kody’s public behavior toward Meri, though, is particularly repulsive. Everything Kody Brown Has Said About His Relationship With Meri Brown So Far This Season on ‘Sister Wives’

He publicly stated that he had no physical attraction to his first wife and had no desire to have an intimate relationship with her in one of his darkest moments. While they are valid thoughts, family members say that he didn’t need to broadcast them to the world. That sounds like a conversation Kody and Meri should have in private, and even then, tact would be beneficial.

Christine creeped Kody out since she was “chubby,” as he memorably stated.

Kody’s sentiments for Christine Brown, his third wife, aren’t much better than his feelings for Meri. However, there is one significant difference: Kody didn’t appear to have any negative thoughts toward Meri at first. When it came to Christine, he had misgivings.

At the family’s… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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