The TV show ‘Atlanta’ compelled a well-known restaurant chain to add a new dish to its menu.


The TV show ‘Atlanta’ compelled a well-known restaurant chain to add a new dish to its menu.

Popular television shows have an underappreciated impact on everyday life. Rick and Morty, for example, popularized Szechuan sauce when one of the eponymous characters, Rick, voiced plaudits for it. Rick stated in the show how excellent Szechuan sauce was (which was created in 1998 as a Mulan promotion) and how the sauce was a big hit for the business.

Atlanta, directed by Donald Glover, has many highlights, but its impact on pop culture is remarkable. Because of the success of a dish featured on the show, a well-known restaurant chain was forced to add a new item to its menu.

With ‘Atlanta,’ Glover trojan-horsed his way onto television.

The gifted Glover produced the comedy-drama Atlanta. The show follows two cousins as they struggle to carve out their own routes in life while dealing with life’s challenges and relationships. Atlanta follows Earn, Glover’s character, as he tries to make amends with his daughter’s mother and family.

Earn’s cousin Alfred, a Princeton University dropout turned rapper, is also featured on the episode. Earn’s personal troubles and successes force him to live with both his girlfriend and his parents. Earn, on the other hand, is trying to get into Alfred’s good graces after learning that his rapper cousin is poised to make it big in his career. He wants a wonderful life for his daughter and himself.

In Hollywood, Trojan-horsing is a concept that not every program creator wants to admit. It entails selling the network on something they’re all familiar with while also introducing a completely new concept within the story. Glover allegedly duped FX into thinking the show would be like a hang-out program, according to Vulture.

The star stated that he misled about what the show would be about and hoped that once he revealed the show’s hidden story, everyone would appreciate it.

Is there a Season 3 planned?


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