The ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix sets a new record with 111 million viewers in its first month.


The ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix sets a new record with 111 million viewers in its first month.

With 111 million views since its debut, Netflix’s “Squid Game” has become the most-watched television show in the world in just one month.

“Squid Game now has 111 million admirers, making it our most successful series launch ever!” Netflix announced the news in a Tweet on Tuesday.

The nine-episode series premiered on September 17 and rapidly earned a large following. The critically acclaimed South Korean survival drama has earned an international following.

Squid Game has officially surpassed 111 million fans, making it the most popular series we’ve ever launched! “Squid Game” is based on “The Hunger Games” and “Lord of the Flies,” and it follows 456 players who compete for a massive cash reward if they complete a series of children’s games. The only catch is that if they lose, they will perish.

The Netflix show “Squid Game” is the first to reach over 100 million viewers in a single month. “Bridgerton,” the second-most-watched series, garnered 82 million viewers.

The popularity of “Squid Game” by Netflix can be attributed to the streaming service’s efforts to expand its global reach.

The “Squid Game” has also gotten a lot of buzz on social media. Parts of the series have been sampled in various memes, and references have been made to one of the famous games in which participants had to “poke” a shape out of a honeycomb-like substance.

TikTok effects, YouTube recipes, and a general fascination have all been inspired by the honeycomb sweet. @veronicamerrell while playing the sugar honeycomb challenge from Squid Game played Squid Game Honeycomb Challenge! Squid Game has been on my mind lately, and I was certain I wanted to make something inspired by it for my birthday:> time to cut some honeycomb! therapy: expensivesquid game cast bts pictures: free


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