‘The Simpsons’ ‘Star Wars Day’ short movie ‘The Force Awakens from Sleeping’ skewers the franchise and Disney


Simpsons surprised fans for Star Wars Day on May 4. A new Maggie Simpson short film, The Force Awakens from her Nap, premiered on Disney+. Maggie has previously starred in shorts like The Longest Daycare, which preceded feature films.

This article contains spoilers for The Force Awakens From Its Nap short film].

Similarly, The Force Awakens From Its Nap is a silent comedy consisting entirely of reactions and visual jokes. These happen to satirize the “Star Wars” franchise and the Walt Disney Company, which now owns both “Star Wars” and “The Simpsons.”

So what is “The Simpsons” “Star Wars” short film “The Force Awakens From a Nap” about?

Well, Marge Simpson drives Maggie to preschool. This time, they drive past the Ayn Rand School for Tots, which Maggie has attended in the past. Instead, they head to Jabba’s Hut Jedi Preschool. In class is a baby Star Wars alien with other human kids, all Simpsonized with animated overbites.

That Maggie loses her pacifier proves to be a brilliantly simple engine for any Maggie story. This time she is helped by famous Star Wars droids, which prove to be perfect companions for Maggie, since they only communicate in beeps anyway. Maggie seems to speak the language, just as every Star Wars character seems to understand the droids’ bleeps and blops. Maggie’s nemesis, the Unibrow Baby, also makes an appearance.


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The Simpsons regular director David Silverman (who also directed The Simpsons Movie), directed the short. Head writer and showrunner Al Jean co-wrote with Joel H. Cohen and Michael Price.

Disney jokes in “The Force Awakens” out of nowhere.

One of the big jokes involves a book box with the Seven Dwarfs holding up the roof. This is an homage to a real building on the Disney studio lot with the Seven Dwarfs holding up the roof.

The Force Awakens also takes a jab at the value of Walt Disney stock, and for Simpsons fans, Mickey Mouse is in a very familiar spot.

‘The Simpsons’ takes on ‘Star Wars’ for three minutes

A Jedi making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches looks familiar. A mean human boy is appropriately punished for teasing a Togruta girl in a way that mean boys often torment girls with ponytails. Four arms aren’t enough to help General Grievous handle a baby.

In a daycare center far, far away…. But still in Springfield. Maggie Simpson in “The Force Awakens – The Force Awakens” streams tomorrow, May 4, on #DisneyPlus pic.twitter.com/bYp4sb5Szx

– Disney+ (@disneyplus) May 3, 2021

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The Unibrow baby fights against Maggie like in a famous Star Wars duel. In the background of their fight, there is a reference to the much more peaceful world of “Star Wars”.

Perhaps the most biting commentary on Star Wars is the repeated use of death stars.  A two-and-a-half minute opening crawl lists franchise rules that often betray strong narratives, but which we as fans often look away from. Stay until the end credits to see more Star Wars jokes, including the only appearance of Homer in this short and an appropriate Selma joke.


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