The significance of Stacey Solomon’s baby daughter’s name.


The significance of Stacey Solomon’s baby daughter’s name.

As she disclosed the name of her newborn daughter, Stacey Solomon described it as “the most magical week.”

Stacey’s fourth child, Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash, and her second with fiance Joe Swash.

Stacey, 32, uploaded new photos of the newborn girl, clad in pink and laying next to a rose, in a heartfelt Instagram post.

” Rose Opal, Esme Solomon-Swash,” she said, “Emmerdale is under criticism as viewers see a baby blunder as Kim prepares to gain full custody.” Our lovely blossom – our priceless gem – who is always adored. This has been the most magical week of my life. Our sweet Rose, we adore you to the moon and back.

“We are so fortunate to have you here… Thank you everyone so much for your compassion, love, and just being there for a conversation at 3 a.m. It’s been the best. “I adore you all.” Why did Stacey Solomon choose the name ‘Rose Opal’ for her daughter? In her Instagram post, Stacey hinted at the meaning of the baby name, stating their daughter is their ‘beautiful flower’ and ‘precious treasure.’

The rose is a symbol of love and beauty that comes from the Latin word rosa, which means rose bud.

Opal is a valuable gem and the primary birthstone for October.

Stacey, who rose to popularity after winning I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and participating on The X Factor in 2009, previously stated she gave birth to Rose on her birthday at her home in Essex.

She has uploaded photos of her three sons with their younger sister, Rex, Leighton, and Zach.

Since 2015, Stacey has been dating Joe, who is best known for his role as Mickey Miller in EastEnders.

The couple got engaged last Christmas, but she announced her pregnancy in June, forcing them to postpone their wedding.


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