The Showrunners of ‘Queen of the South’ Reveal Their Season 6 Vision


The Showrunners of ‘Queen of the South’ Reveal Their Season 6 Vision

Thank you to the Queen of the South series finale for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats until the very last minute. It’s over, and what a wild, magnificent ride it’s been. When it was announced in March that the TV program will conclude after season 5, fans were left wondering where Teresa Mendoza and her family would wind up in the last season. It was a gratifying conclusion, but showrunners Dailyn Rodriguez and Ben Lobato hinted at what may have happened if season 6 had taken place.

[Warning: This article includes spoilers for Queen of the South Season 5 and the series conclusion, “El Final.”]

In the ‘Queen of the South’ series finale, there is one loose end.

It was difficult not to scream at the television while witnessing Pote in the morgue, in jail, and as the executioner. Even Boaz’s bodyguard had to remind him that Pote is a street legend. When he chopped Boaz up and left him bleeding on the floor, who didn’t applaud or cheer? It had been a long time coming, and he had not given up on his quest for vengeance throughout his stay in prison.

Teresa’s efforts to make things right for Chicho and Marcel demonstrated how much she cared about her family. It put an end to their tales. And the remainder of the group is huddled together, keeping their whereabouts and status hidden. Devon Finch, on the other hand, is a significant loose end. He’s alive, he’s suspicious, and he’s being watched by the CIA.

Pote’s expression explains it all. #QueenOfTheSouth

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What Just Happened With Teresa in the Final Episode of Season 5 of ‘Queen of the South’?

The showrunners of ‘Queen of the South’ had a concept for season 6.

Dailyn Rodriguez and Ben Lobato spoke with Deadline about the emotional impact of the ending and the possibility of a sixth season. Rodriguez shared that they purposely left Devon alone because at first, they didn’t know if season 5 would be the… This story is a short summary. I hope you found it entertaining.


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