The Russo Brothers Were Inspired to Join the MCU by One Iconic Tony Stark Line From “Iron Man”


The Russo Brothers Were Inspired to Join the MCU by One Iconic Tony Stark Line From “Iron Man”

The Russo brothers’ contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe are numerous. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame are among the four Marvel films directed by the two brothers, who have helped Marvel Studios become one of the most profitable film studios in the world.

Long before they began directing films for Marvel, the brothers were fans of the studio, and the original Iron Man picture particularly impressed them.

In fact, the brothers confessed that Tony Stark’s iconic phrase at the end of Iron Man was the catalyst for them wanting to develop Marvel movies.

The Russo brothers were inspired to join the MCU after seeing ‘Iron Man.’

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During a resurrected 2019 interview with GQ, the Russos discussed their fondness for Iron Man. Jon Favreau’s stylistic work on the film, according to the chat, made a great impression on them.

“In that film, Favreau really created the tone for the Marvel Universe; it’s a tone that’s distinct from other superhero films in the sense that it blends humor with spectacle,” Joe added. “It also generated 22 movies.”

After seeing Iron Man, the brothers were inspired to create their own Marvel movie.

“I believe the tone that was set there inspired us to aspire to be a part of the MCU one day,” Anthony remarked.

They were enthralled by Tony Stark’s legendary line at the end of “Iron Man.”

Even though they like many aspects of Iron Man, it was the film’s conclusion that persuaded the Russos to join the MCU.

“In the Marvel universe, Tony Stark’s ‘I am Iron Man’ moment is the moment that defines superheroes. It is shown to the audience… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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