The Royal Family Isn’t the Only One Who Has Been Photographed Topless by the Press


The Royal Family Isn’t the Only One Who Has Been Photographed Topless by the Press

When we think of royal family members involved in scandals over the years Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t come to mind. However, when she and Prince William were newlyweds, her name made news after a French tabloid published topless images of her.

Kate‘s photos though were just one example of the paparazzi invading the privacy of Britain’s famous family when they think no one is watching. Two other royals can empathize with William’s wife because photos of them topless and even completely naked were also made public for millions to see. Continue reading to find out who else was caught in the buff and who was shot without a top.

The royal response to the topless photo issue involving Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited France in 2012 and slept at an isolated château owned by Viscount David Linley, Queen Elizabeth II’s nephew. Kate chose to take off her bikini top while sunbathing because the couple assumed they were alone.

The trouble was that they weren’t alone, as a paparazzo lurked half a mile away, using a long-focus lens to photograph the duchess with her breasts exposed. Those images were later sold to the French newspaper Closer. When the royal family learned that the images of Kate had been taken, they were furious and issued a statement (via Entertainment Tonight) that read:

Their Royal Highnesses were deeply disturbed to find that a French journal and a photographer had invaded their privacy in such a disgusting and completely unjustified manner. In the distant residence, Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy. It is unfathomable that someone would take, much less publish, such photos.

Who else has been photographed topless in the sun?

Long before Kate’s topless images became famous, there was a moment when… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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