The Rock goes fishing to unwind, but the health advantages don’t end there.


The Rock goes fishing to unwind, but the health advantages don’t end there.

We’ve all heard the phrase “gone fishing,” but have you ever given it serious thought?

Fishing is something actor Dwayne Johnson – aka The Rock – does when he needs to “decompress” and “take mental inventory,” rather than going to the gym for one of his legendary training sessions.

Fishing could be a terrific sport if you want to practice a little “self care,” especially since more of us desire to exercise in the fresh air, decompress, and take time off for ourselves.

Here’s why it’s beneficial to both the mind and the body:

Fishing is a low-impact kind of exercise.

While you may imagine yourself relaxing on a peaceful riverbank, as you start reeling in that prize catch of the day, your upper body is put to work. Even small fish require a certain amount of strength, and wading out into the water works your leg muscles as well; even balancing oneself is beneficial to your core. Not to mention the brisk stroll to your ideal location. It’s wonderful if you can exercise without even realising it.

Fresh air is beneficial to your health.

Breathing in all that fresh air is one of the great things about being outside. You may feel more energized if your blood contains higher levels of oxygen. Furthermore, oxygen is known to aid in the creation of serotonin, which can help you feel happier, calmer, and less stressed, freeing your mind to concentrate on the fish.

Being outside can help you get more vitamin D.

A good dose of vitamin D comes with feeling the sun on your face. Vitamin D not only serves to improve your immune system, but it also helps you balance the quantity of calcium in your body, whether the sky is blue or grey (vital for healthy bones and teeth). Furthermore, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ has been related to the prevention of depression, thus even sitting on a fishing pier is likely to be beneficial.

Fishing can help you relax.

Being near water is a win-win situation. According to research. (This is a brief piece.)


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