The River of Light Trail, an outdoor installation, will return to Liverpool city center.


The River of Light Trail, an outdoor installation, will return to Liverpool city center.

Later this year, a renowned outdoor lit trail will return to Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront.

The River of Light Trail will return in October for a 17-night event, following its enormous success in March.

The city centre will be transformed by light works themed ‘Rhythm of the Light,’ with each artwork inspired by Liverpool’s musical tradition – the majority of which will include a soundtrack.

Wirral will host a Christmas event with a tractor ride and reindeer.

The artists who will participate in the free trail will be announced next month, but tourists can expect pieces on the magnitude of those that transformed the waterfront earlier this year, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the illuminated laundry line on Castle Street.

There will be no fireworks at the River of Light this year, as there have been in previous years.

The new trail will be designed to help people to maintain social distance, but those suffering from Covid-19 effects should avoid it.

“River of Light has become a strong favourite in the city, with people flocking to the waterfront in their hundreds to enjoy the trail and see the city centre in a whole new light,” said Councillor Harry Doyle, cabinet member for Culture and Visitor Economy.

“The reaction to the March event was enormous — people’s desire to be a part of a cultural event after experiencing the horrors of a pandemic was palpable. The response was overwhelmingly favorable, and it was heartwarming to see people safely come out to enjoy the amazing local, national, and international art that was right outside their door.

“With the limits lifted, we hope to reach an even wider audience this year, as we will be able to invite visitors from beyond the city,” says the organizer.

“We are looking forward to sharing additional details as soon as possible and creating a real excitement around this free event.”

From Friday, October 22 through Sunday, November 7, River of Light will be back.


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