The restrictions on June 21 will be ‘partially eased in a mix and match scheme.’


The restrictions on June 21 will be ‘partially eased in a mix and match scheme.’

According to sources, the prospects of all restrictions being withdrawn on June 21 as planned are unlikely, with the government instead considering a “mix and match” strategy.

All remaining coronavirus limitations were supposed to be removed under stage four of the plan, but this is now in doubt due to an increase in cases and concerns about the Delta variety.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is rumored to be mulling a “mix and match” approach to partially relaxing limitations.

On Monday, Mr Johnson will hold a news conference in which he will reveal what will be permitted on June 21.

Mr Johnson hinted on Wednesday that the easing of limitations could be postponed.

Fears over the new variety have prompted a “mix-and-match approach,” according to a senior government source who spoke to the Financial Times.

Larger weddings would be “simple” to allow if restrictions were changed, but nightclubs were unlikely to reopen “for a time,” according to the minister.

A hybrid plan to lift limitations is being discussed, according to another government official, but it would be “extremely difficult” to implement.

“What would you choose?” the official said. It would be impossible to determine the public health benefits.”

Boris Johnson spoke about the rising number of cases yesterday, but when asked about preparations on June 21, he refused to commit to the unlocking.

“I think what everyone can see is that instances are increasing, and in some situations, hospitalizations are increasing,” he said.

“In order to go to the next level, we need to examine the extent to which the vaccination deployment has built up protection in the population.”

“What we need to analyze is the extent to which the fantastic vaccine deployment has built up protection in the population so that we can move on to the next stage. So that’s what we’re going to look at.”



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