‘The Office’: Several fans hated Jan Levinson, and Melora Hardin reckons they got it wrong


Several characters were not very popular on “The Office.” One of them was Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin). Hardin explained why she thinks it is wrong to hate the former boss.

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Jan Levinson began in Season 1 as Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) tough-as-nails boss. Her position is vice president of Northeast sales. Michael, who worked as the regional manager of the Scranton office, usually tried to dodge her orders or fumbled them because he wanted to be friends with his employees.

In season 2, it became apparent that Jan actually didn’t mind making friends with her coworkers either. Michael impressed her with his salesmanship in “The Customer,” and Jan made a drunken pass at him. This is after she reveals that she wants a divorce.

Their relationship continues, but later Jan gets out of control. She ended up losing her job at Dunder Mifflin and was financially dependent on Michael. This tears their relationship apart, which ends in season 4.

Fans who love Michael are therefore unsurprisingly not fans of Jan. Fortunately, he later found love with Holly Flax (Amy Ryan).

‘The Office’ fans hated Jan Levinson, and Melora Hardin thinks they were wrong


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Hell, Hardin may have taken on more roles. But she still talks about her love for Jan.

“She’s so funny, I think, mostly because she’s so complicated,” Hardin told ‘Today.’ “She has so many different layers to her personality and her hopes and dreams and fears.”

The actor later talked about how some fans saw it differently. “I’ve always loved her, and I really hate it when people come up to me and say ‘Jan is such a b*tch,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘You obviously didn’t look closely, because she’s so much more than that.'”

Hardin admits Jan has had her “moments,” but she’s complicated and funny. It’s hard to settle on an opinion about the character because she changes so drastically throughout the series.

There will always be fans who hate Jan for how her relationship with Michael has evolved. But it looks like Hardin will always love her.

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Jan finally got a job as a hospital administrator in Season 7. She had already had her daughter Astrid with the help of a sperm donor and raised her as a single mother.

The last time we hear from Jan is in the season 9 episode “Couples Discount.” Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) calls her about a sale.

It looks like everything went well for Jan. She had a rocky road after her divorce, and Hardin loves her for it.


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