The Norse Origins of the God’s Laufeyson Surname “Loki”


The Norse Origins of the God’s Laufeyson Surname “Loki”

Fans are already honing in on Easter eggs and clues for prospective villains after seeing the first episode of Loki on Disney+. The Time Variance Authority has other plans for everyone’s favorite Marvel trickster deity, but he wants to return back to his old shenanigans. Mobius (Owen Wilson) formally refers to Loki as Loki Laufeyson, which viewers may have observed. Yes, the god has a surname that is distinct from that of his brother Thor. However, the origins of his surname pay homage to Norse mythology.

[Warning: This page contains Loki Season 1 Episode 1 spoilers.]

In Marvel lore, Loki is Loki Laufeyson.

Breaking down a last name that ends in “-son” naturally entails translating it to “son of.” It’s simple to figure out that Thor is Odin’s son. This is true both in Norse mythology and in Marvel canon.

It’s a little different with Loki. Odin leads Asgard to war against the Frost Giants in the first Marvel Thor film, which was released in 2011. Loki later discovered that the Frost Giant King, Laufey, was his father. He was adopted by Odin and Frigga. Loki betrayed both dads, Asgard, and Thor in the movie and killed Laufey before the credits rolled. The Disney+ show taps into his biological parentage.

Saturday is Loki’s Day! “Ensure my brother does not return. Destroy everything.” – #Loki, Marvel’s “Thor” (2011)

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Loki’s surname comes from his mom in Norse tradition

Looking back at the Marvel films, Loki felt close to his mother, Frigga. Fans noticed his anguish when he watched the TVA’s footage of her death because feels responsible for it. However, in Norse mythology, Loki’s mother is Laufey, a goddess and Jotun giant who also goes by the name Nal. Therefore, his last name is maternal.

In lore, Odin and his brothers killed Laufey’s grandfather Ymir, setting off the Great… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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