The Important Lessons Sara Ramirez Learned While Playing Callie Torres on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


The Important Lessons Sara Ramirez Learned While Playing Callie Torres on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

For ten seasons, Sara Ramirez portrayed Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy. The character in the medical drama had to deal with a lot of difficulties. Between Callie’s orthopedic surgery profession and two unsuccessful marriages, she nearly died in a car accident while pregnant and lost her child’s father in a catastrophic plane crash.

Ramirez left Grey’s Anatomy in 2016. Callie, the actor says, taught her numerous crucial lessons before she left.

Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ once remarked that her life is “the polar opposite” of Callie Torres’.

Ramirez originally appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in season 2. Callie was George O’Malley’s (T.R. Knight) girlfriend before becoming his wife. The couple divorced after George cheated on Callie with his best friend, Izzie Stevens, after only a few months of marriage (Katherine Heigl). Callie began dating Dr. Erica Hahn after she divorced George (Brooke Smith). The romance, however, did not last when Erica vanished after the couple’s quarrel in season 4.

Sara Ramirez on Callie and Arizona’s Breakup on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

During Season 5, Callie had the opportunity to meet Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). The pediatric surgeon kissed Callie in a bar bathroom when they first met. The kiss cemented their bond, but the pair faced challenges ahead. In season 7, Callie’s dearest friend, Dr. Mark Sloan, became pregnant with Sofia (Eric Dane). Despite surviving the drama, “Calzona” was on the verge of disappearing after Arizona lost her leg in the plane crash that killed Mark and Lexie. Arizona ended up cheating on Callie with another doctor as a result of the crash.

Ramirez remarked that Callie’s life is dramatically different from her own on Grey’s Anatomy’s blog when reflecting on her character’s development.

“When I go home, I’m always extremely grateful because my life couldn’t be more different than… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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