The Falcon and the Snow Soldier” star Sebastian Stan reveals which of Bucky’s metal arms is his favorite


Marvel’s newest Disney+ series The Falcon and the winter soldier is a big hit among fans. The series features Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie reprising their roles as Winter Soldier and Falcon, respectively.

When it came time to start production on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stan had a few difficulties with his Winter Soldier costume. One of the biggest was the metal arm of the suit, which was very difficult to use and uncomfortable to wear.

The metal arm on Stan’s costume has undergone some changes, both in appearance and function. And with all the customizations, Stan has one metal arm design in particular that is his favorite.

Sebastian Stan’s costume has gone through many changes.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ star Sebastian Stan revealed why he doesn’t like wearing Bucky’s glasses

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Stan talked about the evolution of the metal arm.

“Well, the arm itself has changed,” Stan said. “The first arm was really very difficult to work with.”

The arm became so problematic for the production team that they ended up having to make adjustments just so Stan could use it.

“In fact, we had to have it break in half because the hero’s one-piece material, which was the most shiny and metallic-looking, was a really hard material,” Stan said. “So … it was extremely difficult to use it easily.”

He refused to wear the less shiny arm in favor of the hard, uncomfortable one….

Although Stan knew the older, shinier arm was significantly more uncomfortable than other models the crew had made, he still preferred it for its looks.

“But it also shaped character behavior in some ways, and I remember refusing to wear the not-so-shiny one,” Stan said. “I wanted the hard, uncomfortable material because that’s what looks best.

He really likes the flexibility of the new arm, but has a relationship with his old arm


In comparison, Stan readily admitted that the newer metal arm he works with is the most comfortable to wear.

“This one was the most flexible, and it’s one piece again,” Stan said. “Obviously you can’t have a whole, full arm, right? Because how else are you supposed to get into it. But it was the most comfortable.”

The Winter Soldier loves the old arm the most….

Despite all his feelings about how impractical the old metal arm is, Stan can’t let go of his love for the old arm.

“I sometimes catch myself still loving the old arm because it just had such a special shine to it and was so iconic in the comics.”

While Stan’s love for the old arm is understandable, it’s not necessarily logical. He also admitted in the interview that the old arm did some physical damage to his body.

“So physically, I definitely had some love wounds from my partner in crime, the left arm,” Stan further added.”


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