The creator of ‘This Is Us’ can’t stop crying when he thinks of a Season 6 storyline.


The creator of ‘This Is Us’ can’t stop crying when he thinks of a Season 6 storyline.

Fans are already discussing about season 6 of This Is Us, despite the fact that the season finale aired less than 24 hours ago. Fans are more invested in the Pearsons than ever before, thanks to the dramatic revelation at the end of Season 5’s finale. There’s a lot of ground to cover now that the show’s creator Dan Fogelman has stated that season 6 will be the final season. However, Fogelman has vowed that the final season will provide the closure that the hit drama’s viewers have been waiting for.

[Warning: This page contains spoilers from Season 5 Episode 16 of ‘This Is Us.’]

The creators of This Is Us waited until the last five minutes of the season 5 finale to reveal a ton of information, in true This Is Us manner. We learned a lot about the Pearsons thanks to a flash-forward that takes place around four years in the future. Randall, for example, has risen to prominence and received press coverage, though we don’t know for what. Uncle Nicky, on the other hand, has remarried and is happily married. Meanwhile, it appears that Kevin (or someone close to the Pearsons) has realized Jack’s desire of working for one of the big three construction firms. The most surprising surprise, though, is the one concerning Kate.

The twist in the season finale of ‘This Is Us’ stunned many.

The season finale of This Is Us startled viewers by revealing Kate and Toby’s divorce. They were even more taken aback when they discovered she is reportedly marrying her employer, Phillip, four years in the future. While this may come as a surprise to viewers, it has been in the works for quite some time. In fact, Fogelman stated that it was not a question of whether or if Toby and Kate would divorce, but rather how they would do so.


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