The creator of the smash hit series ‘Below Deck’ reveals where she got the idea for it.


The creator of the smash hit series ‘Below Deck’ reveals where she got the idea for it.

When eavesdropping on a yacht crew’s gossip session over lunch, yachtie Rebecca Taylor Henning had an idea for Below Deck.

Another party of yachties heard a stew say she was falling in love with the first mate. The stew pondered whether or not she should tell the captain about her thoughts. She told Boat International, “It was Below Deck unfolding before my eyes.” She got to work on the sizzle reel, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The sizzle reel included a Season 1 stew and the father of a Season 6 crew member.

Adrienne Gang and Bruce Brooks from the first season of Below Deck assisted in the development of the sizzle reel. Brooks is Chandler Brooks’ father from Below Deck Season 6. Brooks explained how the sizzle came together in a Facebook post.

In a post Gang posted on Instagram, Brooks wrote, “Ten years ago, I was in Ft. Lauderdale for a boat show and preparing to go back to Michigan when Adrienne Gang called me to do an audition for a reality boat show.” “With a camera crew from California, we arrived at Las Olas next to the show, stood on a box, and answered questions while being filmed. This was to see if we were photogenic.”

‘Below Deck Sailing’ is a term used to describe sailing that takes place below the deck Inventive Storyline Surprised seasoning Producer of ‘Below Deck’

“The next day Adrienne and I along with a few others were chosen to do a pretend charter on a boat ‘Never Say Never’ out of Miami on Biscayne Bay,” he continued. “After a day of filming I went back to Michigan. The tape and idea was presented to Bravo and Below Deck was born. On the first season, Adrienne was the head stew.” Bruce Brooks never appeared on the show, but his son Chandler was the… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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