‘The Challenge’ is titled ‘Big Easy.’ Banks responds to the rumor that he threw Devyn Simone out.


‘The Challenge’ is titled ‘Big Easy.’ Banks responds to the rumor that he threw Devyn Simone out.

Eric “Big Easy” Banks, a six-year veteran of The Challenge, played in several seasons and once reached the finals. The unforgettable player returned almost a decade later for the spinoff All-Stars, where he won an elimination and advanced to the finals.

Big Easy appeared on the official after-show following an episode, which was hosted by his ex-girlfriend Devyn Simone, who asked him about the notorious elimination he left the last time he played in Battle of the Seasons. When asked if he threw the elimination to her, the six-time contestant eventually exposed his true motivation for refusing to complete the task.

Big Easy Banks competed on ‘The Challenge’ for six seasons.

Eric “Big Easy” Banks, a Kentucky native, made his Fresh Meat debut in 2006 alongside Katie Cooley.

The two had a good run together, but were knocked out just before the finals. He came back for The Duel (2006), where he won his first regular mission and was eliminated, but he left before vying for the grand prize.

Big Simple is underappreciated. Remember when he rang the bell with Wes’ head during the hall brawl? @EricBanks pic.twitter.com/KckpK19yS9 Iconic #TheChallengeAllStars pic.twitter.com/KckpK19yS9

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Devyn Simone, star of ‘The Challenge,’ says she turned down an offer to compete on ‘All-Stars.’

Big Easy then played in The Gauntlet 3 (2008) with the Veterans team, where he had his best season yet, reaching the finals. He did, however, fail during the final mission, costing his team the victory.

The Kentucky native also returned for The Duel 2 (2009) and Cutthroat (2010) but went home relatively early into the competition.

Devyn Simone was his former girlfriend.

Before taking a nearly decade-long break, Big Easy last appeared on Battle of the Seasons (2012) alongside three of his Fresh Meat co-stars. They were the most dysfunctional team on the season and appeared in nearly every Arena, making their team the first eliminated from the competition.

During the competition, he was smitten by Team Brooklyn’s Devyn Simone… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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