‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Jisela Said Production Had to Rescue Aneesa After Canoe Flip During Final


‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Jisela Said Production Had to Rescue Aneesa After Canoe Flip During Final

MTV’s The Challenge fans adore The Challenge: All Stars, as it brings back fan favorites who competed years ago. Now, the first season is quickly coming to a close. And Jisela Delgado spoke with the Challenge Mania podcast about her experience hosting the final — as well as how a few other contestants received significant assistance from production.

Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira had a contentious relationship in ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Jisela and Aneesa Ferreira were friends when they entered The Challenge: All Stars. Because they both competed on MTV’s The Challenge in the past, they developed a sense of camaraderie between them, and they seemed to have a fantastic established friendship outside of the show.

Unfortunately, things went sour in the All Stars house. Jisela felt Aneesa backstabbed her prior to an elimination challenge. Jisela was about to face Eric “Big Easy” Banks in an elimination, and she hoped Aneesa would vote to pit Yes Duffy against them. But Aneesa chose to vote for Nehemiah Clark. This was the final nail in Jisela’s friendship coffin.

After the episode aired, Jisela took to Twitter to slam Aneesa. She tweeted, “Girl bye #fakefriend #TheChallengeAllStars.” From the looks of it, it seems the two haven’t reconciled since.

Jisela said production assisted Aneesa and Alton Williams with their canoe in the final

Off to the Races!! Tune into @paramountplus for Part 1 of @ChallengeMTV’s #TheChallengeAllStars Season Finale! ‍ – PRESS PLAY and TWEET A LONG with the cast at 8PM EST! – CHECK OUT “The Aftermath” with host @DevynSimone after the show, also @paramountplus! ‍ pic.twitter.com/DURRR8Bk3d

— Derrick Kosinski (@DerrickMTV) May 20, 2021

On the Challenge Mania podcast, Jisela talked with host (and partner in The Challenge: All Stars final) Derrick Kosinski about their early elimination in the final. And Jisela said Aneesa and Alton Williams got serious help from production when their canoe tipped in the first leg of the race.

“Their canoe was the right way,” Jisella… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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