‘The Blacklist’: A Sony Executive Answers the Series’ Biggest Question


‘The Blacklist’: A Sony Executive Answers the Series’ Biggest Question

There are still a few loose ends to tie up in Season 8 of The Blacklist before the finale. Fortunately for fans, the hit show has been extended for a second season, meaning James Spader, Megan Boone, and the rest of the FBI task force will almost certainly return. Even still, there’s one unanswered question that fans are dying to find out before the show comes to a conclusion.

In 2017, the ‘The Blacklist’ spin-off ‘Redemption’ came to an end.

Instead of James Spader, this star could have played ‘Red’ on ‘The Blacklist.’

The Blacklist: Redemption, a spinoff, was released in 2016 to capitalize on the show’s immense popularity. The backdoor pilot began with Tom Keen’s (Ryan Eggold) Blacklist plot, in which he embarked on his own quest to discover his background.

The Blacklist executive producer John Eisendrath previously told TCA that the show is “in many ways a cop program, this is a spy program.”

The tie-in featured Tom in one episode of The Blacklist before jumping right into his own plot in Redemption, which lasted eight episodes before returning to the main series.

In the same panel, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp noted, “This is the most important mission of Keen’s life.” “He has no recollection of his family; he ‘died’ when he was very young.”

“The telling of the narrative has a strange, bizarre dynamic between a parent and a child,” Eisendrath continued. It’s not the same as the story of who Red is; viewers will find a more realistic relationship here.”

After Tom was killed off The Blacklist, Eggold went on to star in New Amsterdam, as fans of both programs know. Though many fans still hope for a fake-out death, it doesn’t appear like he’ll reappear in the original or any subsequent spinoffs. However, with the show’s current status, there is opportunity for more.

Is there a chance for another spin-off? The CEO of Sony speaks up.

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