The Bird and Blend tea advent calendar smells great when I open it.


The Bird and Blend tea advent calendar smells great when I open it.

Tea is one of my favorite beverages. That could potentially be exaggerating how I feel about hot water and leaves.

I have so many different varieties of tea in my kitchen that I more than live up to the British reputation (although I find tea with milk a tad irritating), so I was overjoyed when this advent calendar arrived in the mail.

In the run-up to Christmas, Bird & Blend is offering not one, but two teabags every day.

This allows you to share your flavor of the day with a fellow tea lover, or you can help yourself to a second cup if you don’t feel so charitable (or teapot).

This book-shaped advent calendar would look great on any shelf, and the boxes can be rearranged in any sequence for a more interactive calendar.

It comes in plastic-free packaging, which makes me feel a little better about my environmental effect, and I truly like it.

You can get this calendar for £38 here, with or without caffeine, but don’t worry, there are cheaper choices as well!

Now, I understand that this delightful Christmas countdown is more expensive than some of us would want.

But don’t be concerned! There are additional possibilities if you have a tea enthusiast in your life but are on a budget.

The Pukka Days of Christmas, which contains 24 sachets of herbal tea for the run-up to Christmas, costs less than £10.

For 2021, you can order the 24 distinct flavors here.

If you have a little extra money to spend, the English Tea Shop offers an Advent Book or an Advent Puzzle (if you prefer something more interactive) available.

In December, you can choose from 25 different pyramid bags of organic tea.

Also, if this calendar isn’t your thing but you’re looking for something a bit different this year, Amazon has a ton of other food and drink calendars to choose from, like Pringles, Popcorn Shed, Reeses, and Swizzels, to name a few.


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