The ‘Bad and Disrespectful’ Reviews of ‘Life With Lucy’ Surprised Lucille Ball: ‘She Started Bawling.’


The ‘Bad and Disrespectful’ Reviews of ‘Life With Lucy’ Surprised Lucille Ball: ‘She Started Bawling.’

Even if you don’t think you know who Lucille Ball is, you probably do. Many popular sitcoms of the twentieth century used the name and talents of the 1950s starlet. You’ve probably seen the actress through reruns or pop culture references, regardless of whether you were alive to see her premieres or read the tabloids recording her rocky love life.

An aging Ball intended to create one final series after a successful career on television. Unfortunately, her ABC sitcom Life with Lucy had a brief run… with a vast list of detractors

‘I Love Lucy’ brought Lucille Ball a lot of success.

Lucille Ball had a tragic childhood, marked by frequent moves, distant guardians, and the early death of her father, Henry. Ball even admitted to not having enough money to buy school pencils, according to Biography. Despite these adversities, Ball kept a good attitude and a desire to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She joined in film school when she was fifteen years old. Though she was initially too shy to make much of a splash, she would soon be modeling and starring in radio comedies.

Soon, Ball fell in love with the young Desi Arnaz, and the couple began a traveling comedy show centered around their relationship. The immensely popular bit led to a contract from CBS and the production of the famous I Love Lucy sitcom. Unfortunately, her rocky marriage with Arnaz made life on set miserable. I Love Lucy ended after six seasons.

Ball was not to be deterred by her marital struggles. She continued to produce and star in many massively successful sitcoms, serving as the eponymous character for shows such as The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy, and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. In 1960, Ball and Arnaz divorced. The comedy star bought out her husband’s shares in their production company and continued to shine.

‘Life With Lucy’ was her final series and met harsh reviews


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