Teases the ‘Good Witch’ Is Bailee Madison Returning to the Hallmark Channel Series Grace?


Teases the ‘Good Witch’ Is Bailee Madison Returning to the Hallmark Channel Series Grace?

Is there going to be a Good Witch reunion? A trailer for the Hallmark Channel series’ May 30 episode suggests that a favorite character may be returning.

Cassie (Catherine Bell) discusses her daughter Grace’s (Bailee Madison) return home with her husband Sam (James Denton) in an extended sneak peek for “The Delivery.” But will Madison, who left Good Witch after the fifth season, return?

In the next episode of ‘Good Witch,’ Cassie prepares for Grace’s return.

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Grace hasn’t been seen in Middleton since the conclusion of Season 5 of Good Witch. Madison chose to move on after her character graduated from high school, claiming that she was away at college.

Grace now seems to be taking a trip back to her hometown. Sam chastises his wife for baking muffins after 3 a.m. in the sneak peek. She claims she only has nine hours to prepare it for Grace’s arrival. Grace then reveals that she has been studying in Spain for the past six months.

Bailee Madison has been added to the cast of ‘The Delivery.’

Grace seems to be returning to Grey House soon, at least for a visit, according to the Good Witch sneak peek. However, something could occur that would cause her return to be delayed. However, there’s a strong indication that Grace will appear in “The Delivery.”

Madison’s name appears on the cast list for the upcoming episode, which was released by Hallmark. Grace, an 8-year-old, will be played by Taylor Levely. According to the episode description on Hallmark, Cassie will be remembering her own baby shower as she, Abigail (Sarah Power), and… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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