Tammy Slaton Updates Fans on Why She Hasn’t Been Wearing Oxygen Tubes Lately on ‘1000-Lb Sisters’


Tammy Slaton Updates Fans on Why She Hasn’t Been Wearing Oxygen Tubes Lately on ‘1000-Lb Sisters’

Tammy Slaton’s health has been a major source of concern for followers of the 1000-pound Sisters. Tammy and Amy Slaton’s doctor told them that they needed to reduce weight in order to be healthy at the start of the series. The TV programme has chronicled their health journey since then. Fans on social media began to worry about Tammy’s health after Season 2 of 1000-lb Sisters since she was continuously wearing oxygen tubes in her videos. Tammy hasn’t been wearing the tubes lately. She has now addressed the health worries of her admirers.

Tammy Slaton, star of “1000-lb Sisters,” wore Oxygen tubes for a reason.

Tammy caught the coronavirus (COVID-19) during the pandemic and had to be hospitalized and put on oxygen. She made a video to explain the situation to her admirers on YouTube.

“I was only in the hospital for two weeks….” I’m doing incredibly well. “I mean, I’m on oxygen,” she admitted. “That’s only to maintain my lungs strong and sturdy; I won’t be on oxygen for much longer.” I used to use 15 liters of oxygen a day, but now I just take three.”

Some fans wished Tammy well and hoped she would recover, while others wondered if she had been admitted to the hospital for weight loss. Tammy responded with a second video in which she addressed the rumors.

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She described some of the comments as “dumb.” “Some argue I wasn’t in the hospital because of COVID. Always be skeptical of everything you read on the internet. It astounds me that everyone thinks so negatively of me.”

Is Tammy still need oxygen?

Since the show’s hiatus, Tammy has been quite active on TikTok. She generally talks to fans or records herself gazing into the camera while wearing her oxygen tubes in her videos. Tammy, on the other hand, in her most recent videos… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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