Tammy Slaton saw filming for Season 3 of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ at a Mexican Restaurant and a Bariatric Center.


Tammy Slaton saw filming for Season 3 of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ at a Mexican Restaurant and a Bariatric Center.

Fans of the 1000-Lb Sisters have been waiting for Season 3 updates, but they’ve been few and far between. It wasn’t apparent for a while whether TLC will continue the hit show, which follows Amy Slaton, Tammy Slaton, and Chris Combs as they try to lose weight in order to have bariatric surgery. Fortunately, two observant fans have observed Tammy Slaton and Chris Combs shooting with TLC on two consecutive occasions — one outside a Mexican restaurant, the other outside a bariatric surgery center.

Tammy Slaton’s second season of “1000-Lb Sisters” ended in disappointment.

Tammy Slaton, star of ‘1000-Lb Sisters,’ admits to brushing her teeth twice a week, shocking fans.

Tammy Slaton was upset with her weight at the end of Season 2 of 1000-Lb Sisters. While Amy Slaton was able to get surgery and even have a child as a result of it, Tammy Slaton is still trying to lose the weight she needs.

Furthermore, Chris Combs is on the verge of becoming eligible for surgery after reducing weight with his sisters. During the 1000-Lb Sisters Season 2 finale, Tammy Slaton expressed frustration and a sense of futility as a result of all of this.

Tammy realizes she’s gained 21 pounds during her check-up with Dr. Eric Smith. She admits to making mistakes.

“I mean, I try to eat healthier occasionally, and then I’m like, ‘What the hell is the point?’” Tammy remarked. When asked how it affects her, she said it makes her depression worse.

“I’m even more down. Because I know I shouldn’t eat it all, but I do, and I’m at a loss on how to stop.”

During Season 2, Chris Combs was no nonsense.

Things got hairy between Chris Combs and Tammy Slaton on 1000-Lb Sisters when he called Tammy Slaton out for not committing to her weight loss requirements.

“We’ve been doing this diet together for months, and your weight has went up instead of down,” Chris confronted Tammy.

“The other day I came in here and he cooked a meatloaf the size of this pan, for you two. … Tammy you got a food addiction, don’t sit there and play bullsh*t games… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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