Takeoff with Bradley and Holly leaves viewers with a peculiar feeling.


Takeoff with Bradley and Holly leaves viewers with a peculiar feeling.

Take Off, the new program from Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh, premiered on Saturday night, but it left some viewers uneasy.

Take Off sees competitors compete in a range of quizzes and activities in the hopes of winning a seat on a plane to a luxurious vacation.

As a big audience watched on, Bradley and Holly stood close to each other and hugged contestants.

Take Off was originally shot in February 2020, before the virus broke out, yet several viewers found the absence of social separation unsettling to see.

“Strange watching #takeoffwithbradleyandholly, which was clearly filmed well before the pandemic,” Sharon said. There was a standing ovation and actual handshakes!!!”

Mr Mac remarked, “Given that there’s an audience and no social distancing, #Takeoff was certainly filmed this week or decades ago.”

With the current travel restrictions in place, several fans were left wondering when the contestants would get to go on the vacation they’d won.

“I wonder whether these people actually made it on the holidays they won?!?” Big Ang wondered.

“Hollywood and Las Vegas – erm, the UK is forbidden from traveling to the United States,” Joe Amadaeus stated.

“So, have I got this right?” Michael Lavelle asked. The new show from Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby is about people attempting to win vacations…even though they can’t go anywhere.”


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