‘Summer House’: Luke Gulbranson shocks cast mate, says produced told him to ask Hannah Berner to go to Minnesota


Lucas Gulbranson dropped a bombshell on the Summer House cast, as well as reunion host Andy Cohen, when he said the producers told him to ask Hannah Berner to visit him in Minnesota.

Not only did Gulbranson’s revelation shock the cast, but it brought Berner to tears and she stormed off the stage. The conversation turned to Berner’s anger at Gulbranson when he didn’t return her affections last summer. She recounted that Gulbranson asked her to go to Minnesota to meet his parents. “I was upset that this person in my life had confused me,” Berner said during the reunion. Gulbranson can be seen shaking his head as he delivers the blow.

Hatch Gulbranson breaks the fourth wall

“There’s something I want to make clear with the Minnesota reference,” he said. “I’m clearly going to break the fourth wall, and I apologize for that. But this is something I have to say. I’m sorry, folks, but I was produced and asked to ask you guys to go to Minnesota. I should never have asked you guys to do that.” Berner’s eyes widened when she heard the news.

“I should have said no,” Gulbranson added. Paige DeSorbo exclaimed, “What?” And Cohen said, “That’s not true.” Carl Radke can be heard in the background adding: “That’s not true.”


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Amber rose from her seat in tears. “This is the most fucked up thing ever.” She walked off stage and can be heard sobbing.

Did Luke Gulbranson invite Hannah Berner to Minnesota?

The cast looked stunned as Berner’s screams could be heard backstage. Gulbranson looked stunned, too, but shrugged. “That really f**ks with someone’s emotions,” she can be heard saying backstage. “Fucking a**hole.”

“Oh my God, Luke,” Cohen said, shaking his head in annoyance. “I mean … that’s not true.” Adding, “Luke, I don’t believe you, because you told the producers after the show ended that you were trying to find dates to leave, and you really went through with it.”

Flashbacks showed how many times Gulbranson talked to Berner about going to Minnesota with him, which happened on more than one occasion.


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“I mean, she was close to your family, right?” said Cohen to Gulbranson. Another flashback showed Gulbranson on FaceTime with his family, and he called Berner into the frame to say hello.

“Hey, listen, I’m not trying to be the bad guy,” Gulbranson said. “I’m clearly sorry. And I feel bad. And I want to apologize to Hannah, and I will apologize to her for this.”

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Gulbranson decides to apologize to Berner in private. He seeks her out backstage to talk to her during the reunion. “That’s the meanest thing a guy has ever said to me,” Berner says to herself before Gulbranson finds her.

“You wanted her to come, but it wasn’t the right time to ask her?” a producer is seen asking Gulbranson backstage. “Is that what you’re trying to say?”

Gulbranson replied, “Yeah, I mean, I would definitely invite Hannah to Minnesota.” He added that he considers her one of his best friends. “But it wasn’t the right time to ask her that,” he added.


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At first, Berner didn’t seem keen on talking to Gulbranson when he found her. But they ended up hugging and he apologized. But is all good that ends well?


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