‘Summer House’: Carl Radke breaking down over his brother’s death and acknowledging he “wouldn’t be here right now” if he wasn’t sober


During an emotional moment, Carl Radke broke down during the Summer House Reunion as he spoke about the death of his brother Curtis.

Radke sobered up last summer, months before his brother’s death from an accidental drug overdose. His brother’s death was a shock, and he talked about what an immense struggle it was, not only during the summer, but also last winter. He’s now more than 90 days sober, but he said during the reunion that he “doesn’t think he’d be here” without his friends and sobriety.

I would probably not be here right now,” says Carl Radke

Radke got extremely real and emotional as he talked about his journey to sobriety. As the cast talked about their support, Lindsay Hubbard pointed out that Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck reached out to Radke. Rosbach’s son also died of an accidental drug overdose, and viewers saw how he dealt with the emotions of his loss in Season 8.

Show host Andy Cohen pointed out that Curtis’ death occurred when Radke realized he needed to get sober. “It’s a blessing in disguise that I had done the work I had done up until this past summer,” Radke said. “And I think if I had been in the state I was in the previous summers when I got this news, I probably wouldn’t be here now.”

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Radke called on his close friend Kyle Cooke for support. “I went down a bit of a dark path again this winter in December and January,” Radke said. “I was really bad. Really bad again. I mean, I scared a lot of people. And Kyle came to my apartment. And I didn’t know that he knew I was messed up for a couple of days. Well, for months after that …”

Carl Radke remembers how Kyle Cooke supported him in his darkest moments

“He came over to my apartment and told me he loved me,” Radke continues. Cooke can be seen trying to hold back tears as Radke begins to cry. “When you lose your brother, you don’t have that manly influence that you’ve been looking for for so long. Kyle was, my brother man.”

“Having him come to me and take care of me,” he continued. “It’s not about lover boy. It’s not about anything else. I just want you to be okay, and I’m here for you. And Kyle, I love you for this man.” The entire cast is now teary and emotional.


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Ahead of the reunion, Radke shared on Instagram that he wouldn’t be here without the support and love he’s received.

“I wouldn’t be here today without the support of my family, friends and of course all the Bravo fans that have supported me since day 1,” he shared. “Reliving my brother’s death has been very difficult, but I keep being reminded that I am not alone. One day at a time. Thank you for making me feel comfortable to be so vulnerable and honest.


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