Statement appearance in red dress: So fierily Meghan celebrates her Royal departure


Duchess Meghan celebrates her Royal farewell in a fitting manner – with a flaming fashion statement. In a fiery red dress the wife of Prince Harry attracts all eyes.

Duchess Meghan (38) is not at all restrained in her last appointments as an official royal. As if she wanted to celebrate her departure from all her royal duties, the wife of Prince Harry (35) presents herself in a bright red statement look. With a radiant smile.

Together with Prince Harry they went to the “Mountbatten Festival of Music”, a benefit event of the Royal Navy, in London’s Royal Albert Hall on Saturday evening. Meghan’s husband wears the officers’ gala uniform in black and red to match her outfit. His look, however, was prescribed by protocol.

“Meghan gives us colour”
On Twitter, Meghan is especially praised for her wow performance. “Meghan says with this look, ‘Forget your old clothes. This is not me”, writes one user. Another user says: “Meghan gives us colour. Why should she hold back?”

But the look also makes some people smile. So Gary Janetti, who worked on the series “Family Guy”, publishes a collage. You can see Meghan in her fiery red dress – and in a red dress from her times as a show-girl.

Already on Thursday Harry and Meghan made an impressive comeback appearance. It was their first joint appearance in the UK since their retirement as royals became known.

Even then, the couple did not rely on restraint in their choice of clothes. Meghan wore a skin-tight, light blue dress with a playful zipper and Harry chose – quite appropriately – a royal blue suit. From April 1st Harry and Meghan will no longer officially appear as royals.


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