Stacey Solomon’s Loose Women co-stars are overjoyed at the news of her pregnancy.


Stacey Solomon’s Loose Women co-stars are overjoyed at the news of her pregnancy.

Stacey Solomon’s Loose Women co-stars were overjoyed when she announced her pregnancy this afternoon.

Stacey announced on Instagram on Wednesday that she and Joe Swash are expecting their second child in a series of photos and videos.

On today’s broadcast, Stacey’s co-stars expressed their gratitude for her finally revealing the news, as several of them had almost let it slip.

“Stacey announced that she is having another little ‘pickle,’ and I for one am relieved because I have so nearly let the cat out of the bag so many times,” Kaye Adams said.

“We can all breathe out now because we don’t have to keep it a secret anymore,” Jane Moore remarked.

“The last time I saw Stacey, I asked her if she wanted another baby, and she responded ‘yeah, we’d rather like another one,’ and she was probably already pregnant at the time,” Frankie Bridge said.

Stacey would be on the show tomorrow, according to Kaye, to “tell us all the information” about her pregnancy.

Stacey revealed a glimpse of her baby bulge last night after announcing she was expecting her fourth child.

Stacey Solomon, a panelist on Loose Women, released a video of her growing baby belly while getting a scan for her new “pickle.”

Fans get a first look at the singer’s growing baby belly in one of the videos, as she released a short footage of her pregnancy scan with the baby’s heartbeat in the backdrop.

On the hospital monitor, the black and white film also showed her unborn kid.

Stacey has been significantly absent from social media in recent days, but she has returned to share her good news with her followers.

Stacey also disclosed that the pair had given up on having a second child after previous miscarriages.

She has three children: Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine, from prior marriages, and Rex, two, from her first marriage to Joe.

Joe also has a 13-year-old son named Harry from a previous relationship.

“Sorry I’ve been so quiet… but,” Stacey said on her story. The summary comes to a close.


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