Soundtrack Ringo Starr on the 1 song he’d be listening to for the rest of his life – and goat cheese


Visiting the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Show host asked former Beatle Ringo Starr about a whole range of topics.

The acclaimed drummer shared his thoughts on everything from his favorite scent (Stargazer lilies, in case you were wondering) to his most used app (Twitter).

Above all, the rock legend talked about the song he could live with for the rest of his days (he didn’t hesitate with the answer) and his reasoning for why goat cheese is it for him.

ringo said that this was his best work on the drums

Meanwhile, the “Photograph” singer revealed to “Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now” author Barry Miles that he considers the 1966 song “Rain” to be one of his best works.

“I felt like someone else played that,” he told the McCartney biographer. “[I] was obsessed! I was obsessed with the snare and the hi-hat…. I think it was the first time I used that trick of starting a break by hitting the hi-hat first instead of going straight from the hi-hat to a drum. I think it’s the best of any record I’ve ever done.”


As McCartney himself told Miles of Starr’s prominent appearance on “Rain,” “The drums became a huge drum kit…. We’d get a big, heavy, thunderous backing, and then we’d work over it normally, so it didn’t sound like a slowed-down thing, it just had a big, ominous sound. It was beautiful, I really enjoyed it.”

Sound of Ringo Starr’s Thoughts on Cheese

Colbert subjected Starr to the “Colbert Questionert,” a rapid-fire sequence of questions that led to some interesting answers, in the musician’s recent virtual appearance on The Late Show.

When Starr was asked about his favorite sandwich, he replied, “Cheese,” adding that “it has to be goat cheese now.” The Beatle’s explanation for his preference for goat cheese was almost as funny as the expression on Colbert’s puzzled face.

“Why does it have to be goat cheese?” asked Colbert.

“Because I don’t eat anything from a cow,” Starr replied.

Not giving up on the subject, Colbert continued, “Because the cow did something to you?” Starr explained that the “molecules of a cow are so big. Have you ever seen a cow? That’s the reason you’re full when you drink a glass of milk.”


Ringo Starr said the pandemic caused him to revisit his lifelong fear of hospitals, “There’s a fear factor

During a dozen more questions on the subject of bovine molecules, the presenter’s face seemed to lose the battle.

“The goat is a good size for our bodies,” Starr continued. Colbert finally couldn’t contain himself and chuckled at his guest’s reasoning.

“So the size of the animal itself has something to do with the size of the molecules, is that what I understand from you?” he asked.

“Yes, look at the size of this big cow and the food it gives the baby to grow to three tons in a week,” Starr said.

Finally, Colbert let it go, “All right, no cow.”

The song Ringo Starr says he could listen to every day


When asked, “If you get one song that you can listen to for the rest of your life, what is it?” the “Yellow Submarine” singer immediately replied, “Come Together.”

Colbert, surprised by the quickness of Starr’s answer and the song choice itself, said, “Wow, I think we just made news. Is that your favorite Beatles song?” he asked.

“Yes,” Starr said. “There are a lot of other favorite songs, but if you want one, “Come Together” can’t be bad. It worked perfectly with the band and the song, and John [Lennon] was John. I love that moment.”


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