Some fans of NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ believe Kate’s boss, Phillip, is Madison’s brother.


Some fans of NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ believe Kate’s boss, Phillip, is Madison’s brother.

The Pearson family certainly went out with a bang in the season finale of This Is Us. While the majority of the episode looked to wrap up loose ends from Season 5 and provide answers to some of the most often asked issues, such as is Kevin and Madison’s relationship over, there were a few surprises. Fans, for example, were probably not expecting Phillip to make another appearance. However, it appears that he will be extremely close to the Pearson family in the future.

[Warning: This page contains spoilers from Season 5 Episode 16 of ‘This Is Us.’]

Phillip, Kate’s supervisor, was first introduced to This Is Us viewers in Season 5. Phillip didn’t hide his dissatisfaction with the hiring decision when Kate started her new work as a music instructor. He began to rethink his mind after seeing her interact with the children. In fact, he was so impressed that when Kate attempted to leave during the season finale so that Toby could accept his job offer in San Francisco, he refused to accept her resignation.

Kate and Toby are divorced in the season finale of ‘This Is Us.’

Of course, the last few minutes of the season finale of This Is Us seemed to hint that Kate and Phillip’s relationship will one day go beyond that of coworkers. Kate and Toby had divorced and Kate was getting remarried, according to the flash-forward (which takes place roughly four years in the future). It was all but established that Kate was marrying Phillip when Phillip referred to Kate as his “future brother-in-law.”

Have you been thinking about that finale for a while now? You’re not the only one who feels this way.

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