Simple Fruit Crostata by Giada De Laurentiis Will Transform Your Fruits and Berries Into a Superstar Dessert



With all the luscious summer fruits available, now is a fantastic time to try Giada De Laurentiis’ fruit crostata from Food Network.

Crostatas, a near cousin of the French galette, can be produced at any time of year, but the abundance of seasonal berries and fruits makes now an especially ideal time. How to make your own is detailed below.

De Laurentiis provides an explanation for crostata.

“Essentially, a crostata is an Italian free-form pie,” De Laurentiis explains. “I adore them in savory and sweet dishes alike. It is the ideal type of ‘pantry dessert’ that I can nearly always whip up regardless of the state of my ingredients. You may totally substitute refrigerated pie dough for the homemade dough in this recipe.”

According to the Cuisine Network personality’s lifestyle and food blog, Giadzy, “the beauty of a crostata is that it transcends season — make it in the fall and winter with apples or persimmons, in the spring with strawberries and cherries, and in the summer with all the stone fruit (and tomatoes!). The options are nearly limitless.”


Savory crostata by De Laurentiis

While crostatas are frequently linked with desserts, the Giada at Home host writes in her book Weeknights with Giada, which includes her Smoked Salmon Crostata.

“A crostata is an Italian tart that is typically filled with jam or preserves, but can also include fresh fruit or nuts,” De Laurentiis adds. “However, the crostata has developed into so much more over time.” Secrets from Behind the Scenes: The Untold Story of a ‘Chopped’ Champion

The Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef understands that not everyone has the time or inclination to… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.


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