Season 8 of Below Deck made history in four surprising ways.


Season 8 of Below Deck made history in four surprising ways.

Below Deck Season 8 made franchise history in four ways, following seven seasons of near-death experiences, crew hirings, and firings.

The event began with a historic first: Captain Lee Rosbach did not meet the crew on the boat. Rosbach stumbled in the shower and ended up in the hospital, worried that his fractured ribs would prevent him from starting the season. However, before the season began, deckhand Avery Russell resigned. Before the start of the season, no crew member has ever departed the boat. What additional factors contributed to the season’s historic status? Continue reading.

Before the season began, Captain Lee did not greet the ‘Below Deck’ crew.

The captain greets the head stew or bosun at the start of each season of Below Deck. Season 8 was markedly different due to the arrival of bosun Eddie Lucas on an empty yacht. In a confessional, Lucas observed, “This is crazy.” Something isn’t right.”

When Lucas dials Rosbach’s cell phone, he discovers that his boss is in the hospital. Rosbach admitted, “I’m embarrassed to disclose, but I fell in the shower.” “Went down pretty hard. Busted a couple of ribs. I might need surgery. If it’s bad I may have to head home. Hell, this season may be over for me before it even starts.”

There’s always one in the group… check out the Captain’s Log for more details. #belowdeck #belowdeckbravo

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‘Below Deck’: Did Captain Lee Throw Shade Over Pain Meds

The news puts Lucas on alert. He is now in charge of greeting new crew members as he waits to find out if Rosbach is seaworthy. “And to now find out that he’s in the hospital, is terrifying to me,” Lucas said in a confessional. “If Lee doesn’t show up, this first charter isn’t going to be happening.” Thankfully, Rosbach arrives, plenty of time ahead of… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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