Season 4 of ‘The Chi’: The Showrunner Reveals When Fans Will See ‘Everything’ That Happened in Flashback


Season 4 of ‘The Chi’: The Showrunner Reveals When Fans Will See ‘Everything’ That Happened in Flashback

Season 4 of Showtime’s The Chi began with a flashback that saw the main characters in significant moments, such as Kevin walking in on his best friend making out with his mother. Following the premiere, showrunner Justin Hillian announced when the flash-forward events in the season will take place.

Season 4 of ‘The Chi’ began with a flash-forward.

The first episode started with a tuxedo-clad Kevin nervously pacing through a house, walking in on various characters in the middle of their supposed most pivotal moments of the season.

First, he saw his best friend Jake kissing his girlfriend Jemma, which surprised him because he couldn’t stand her before. Keisha, who chose to keep her baby after opting against abortion, is also depicted having a water birth with her mothers by her side.

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Emmett was also seen in the flash-forward hiding in a bathroom as someone attempted to break in after marrying one of his baby mothers, Tiffany, and taking over Sonny’s restaurant.

Finally, during or after an incident, newly elected Mayor Otis “Douda” Perry was shot in the chest on top of a house.

In the first episode, what happened?

Kevin and Jemma’s relationship grew stronger one month before the events of the flashback, when he began having breakfast with her father. In front of Jake, he also told her he loved her, which made him disgusted.

Jake almost got into a confrontation with another teenager who was picking on Kevin when the two went to play basketball. Jake was then approached by a pair of police officers who asked him for identification before tossing him to the ground and assaulting him before arresting him.


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