Season 2 of ‘Lovecraft Country’: Jurnee Smollett Admits She Knows ‘Nothing’ About the Show’s Future


Season 2 of ‘Lovecraft Country’: Jurnee Smollett Admits She Knows ‘Nothing’ About the Show’s Future

Lovecraft Country is still shrouded in mystery. Following its release in 2020, the series soon became one of HBO’s most popular shows, garnering praise for its unsettling twist on Lovecraftian legends and strong character performances. However, it is unknown whether the show will be renewed for another season.

Since the series ended, fans have been left to guess about what would happen next. Actress Jurnee Smollett, on the other hand, says that she doesn’t know if there will be a second season of Lovecraft Country.

Is there going to be a second season of ‘Lovecraft Country?’ Jurnee Smollett claims to know “nothing.”

Smollett, who plays Letitia “Leti” Lewis on the program, was speaking with Gold Derby when she was asked about the show’s current state. Lovecraft Country has yet to be renewed by HBO, but Smollett believes there is still a lot more to learn about her and other characters.

She continued, “I think there’s a huge world of stuff we haven’t even touched on with Leti and all the characters.” “I’m really interested to see how she approaches it. But I’m clueless. Regrettably, I know just as much as you do.”

She expressed her admiration for her character, saying, “I love Leti.” And it would be a dream to be able to step back into her shoes and explore her again, but I don’t know.”

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One of her co-stars believes another season will happen

In an early 2021 interview with Collider, actor Michael K. Williams (Montrose Freeman) said he’d be okay with “whatever the outcome” is. Still, he really does believe there will be another season of the show.

“I feel very hopeful that there will be a Season 2,” he shared. “I know that show took a lot out of me, so I can only imagine what the writers must have… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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