Season 1 of Bravo’s “Family Karma”: What Happened Before Season 2?


Season 1 of Bravo’s “Family Karma”: What Happened Before Season 2?

Season 1 of Bravo’s Family Karma finished with a magnificent engagement party, but many of the cast feuds and tensions remained “under the rug.”

Season 2 premieres on Bravo on Wednesday, June 2 at 9/8c, and it looks that some of the relationships and friendships have been flipped on their heads. With their engagement celebration in the season finale, Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana made it Indian official. However, their relationship appears to be in trouble in the season 2 trailer. Brian Benni and Monica Vaswani were friends at the end of the season, but they were still single. Anisha Ramakrishna also appeared to have settled her differences with Parvani and Vaswani, but did she? Season 1 came to a close like this.

During the first season of ‘Family Karma,’ the relationships between the characters were still up in the air.

The engagement of Parvani and Sadana was a major plot point in season one. Sadana’s mother despised Parvani, especially because they had never married in a legal Indian wedding. The couple prepares a large engagement party in order to go above and beyond, and Parvani appears to gain Sadana’s mother’s approval. Parvani explained why he desired Sadana’s mother’s approval, “I believe in most cultures parents want to see their children happy.” “With the best of intentions, Indians may go a step farther by becoming involved in their children’s relationships.”

Meanwhile, Benni developed affections for Vaswani, a lifelong childhood buddy, but his timing was off. She revealed that the twosome had been flirting with dating for a long time. However, when one wants to take the relationship to the next level, the other isn’t interested. “Brian and I have known each other since we were kids and share a very fun friendship,” Vaswani told . “When you’ve known someone for 15 plus years, there’s a level of comfort you have with one another. With him, I don’t hold back because he understands me.”

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