Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena both wanted to play the same character on ‘Gilmore Girls.’


Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena both wanted to play the same character on ‘Gilmore Girls.’

Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena collaborated on Gilmore Girls for seven seasons. Lane Kim, Agena’s character, worked for Luke Danes, Patterson’s character, at the end of the series. However, the two former co-stars have more in common than you may believe. During the filming of Gilmore Girls, both Agena and Patterson indicated that they would have happily swapped places with Sean Gunn.

Both Keiko Agena and Scott Patterson feel that playing Kirk Gleason would be a dream come true.

Gunn’s character, Kirk Gleason, was a fan favorite on Gilmore Girls. Fans weren’t the only ones who adored the oddball persona. The character was also a hit with the rest of the actors. If given the chance, Agena and Patterson both stated that they would gladly switch roles with Gunn. Three times on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Kirk had a good friend named Luke Danes.

Agena revealed in a 2016 AMA that she had a love affair with the character Kirk. She confessed that she admired his storylines and that she enjoyed working with Gunn in particular. She would have preferred to play Kirk if she wasn’t playing Lane. Both personalities were rebels in their own right, despite their huge differences.

Patterson has acknowledged that he would have preferred to play Kirk if he hadn’t already secured the role of Luke. I Am All In, Patterson’s podcast, revealed Patterson’s confession. Gunn recently went on I Am All In to discuss his time on Gilmore Girls.

What makes Kirk Gleason’s role on Gilmore Girls so compelling?

Both Agena and Patterson are excited about the prospect of playing Kirk, and they have their own motivations for doing so. Gunn played the quirky Stars Hollow inhabitant for seven seasons, though his role was not planned to be significant at first. He rapidly established himself as a fan favorite. Even so, it’s difficult to pinpoint just what it is about him that makes him so intriguing.


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