Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses the Show’s Sexist “Double Standard” on “Sex and the City”


Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses the Show’s Sexist “Double Standard” on “Sex and the City”

Sarah Jessica Parker discusses the Sex and the City actors’ unjust double standard. Parker believes it is unjust that media outlets are continually attempting to generate drama and catfights among the cast members of the show, something that women in the spotlight are all too familiar with. Meanwhile, no one ever worries whether the cast members of male-driven dramas like The Sopranos get along.

What exactly is the ‘drama’ between the cast members of ‘Sex and the City’?

Tabloids have been attempting to create animosity between the cast members of the HBO series for years. Mainly, media sources try to agitate the situation by pitting Sarah Jessica Parker against Kim Cattrall. Despite the fact that things haven’t always been easy between them, they’ve stated on multiple occasions that they respect and love one another.

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May 29, 2021 — The Cut (@TheCut)

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People aren’t willing to believe Parker and Cattrall get along, according to Elle.

Parker stated, “I don’t think anyone wants to believe that I adore Kim.” “I adore her, and I wouldn’t have made the film if it hadn’t been for her. “I couldn’t and wouldn’t.”

Cattrall, on the other hand, agreed with the Divorce star.

She told Elle, “I think Sarah was right: People don’t want to believe that we get along.” “They’ve put far too much stock in the image of two powerful, successful women pitted against each other. It provides for interesting copy and chatter. The fact that we’re friends, get along, and happily do our professions together isn’t nearly as interesting. Sarah is great in my opinion. She is a natural leader who leads the crew and cast in a firm but gentle manner. We’re both sick of… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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