“Sailing Yacht Under Deck”: Dani Soares says ‘I hate’ about playing on a sailing yacht


Dani Soares of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has admitted that she is not a fan of working on a sailing yacht.

“That was only my second Sailing Yacht,” Soares said in a ”Pita Party” Instagram video. “And honestly, I hate it.” Chef stew Daisy Kelliher and stew Alli Dore shot into laughter saying Soars made it abundantly clear she hated it. “You certainly told us how much you hate it,” laughed Dore. Soars also shot into laughter, adding that she had no other words for it.

Dani Soares and Alli Dore had no sailing experience.

It may have been Soares’ second sailing yacht, but Below Deck was Dore’s érst time working on a sailing yacht and also in the interior. “I come from a motor yacht background,” Dore said. “So this is not only the first time I’ve worked in the interior of a yacht, but also the first time I’ve done service work on a sailing yacht.”

“And it’s definitely going to be very interesting,” said Dore. And there have been some really cheesy scenes where we launch ourselves through the galley, over the tables to rescue glasses and all the rest.”

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Kelliher admitted that it’s a challenge to work as a chef or stew on a sailing yacht. “Basically I just put everything away permanently,” she shared. “It’s also really hard.” She added that she and most of her captains usually share a few moments at the beginning of the season when they try to work out a balance between sailing and service.

Daisy Kelliher described the sailing yacht stew

“The really sh*tty thing about sailing is the times you can go is when [the guests]get up and so after breakfast,” Kelliher said. “But that’s before lunch. What people don’t see is that we go from breakfast to lunch. So as soon as we cut down on breakfast we set up lunch. But that’s the only time we can go sailing.”

Viewers during the first charter saw how sailing during breakfast confused the crew. The crew tried to fit in a seated breakfast for guests, but then had to quickly clean up and stow away for sailing. “We serve lunch and then it’s instant sailing,” Kelliher continued. “And then we’re like, but we have to serve dinner. So there’s a lot of back and forth with the captain. And that hasn’t just happened on Parsifal, it’s on a lot of ships I work on.”

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“And you just have to go, f**k it,” she laughed. “And just run around. Literally, running around. Grabbing everything and it looks really disorganized and it is. It’s as disorganized as it looks. The guests are there to eat and sail. You just have to take it for what it is. It does look disorganized, but it’s a whole organized disorganized … if that makes sense.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht can be seen Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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