‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Simone’s Iconic Red Nails look was done with some nontraditional materials


Arkansas native beauty Symone snagged the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” and $100,000 in prize money in the season 13 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Over the course of the season, Symone proved that she has what it takes to wear the crown with pride, mostly thanks to her creative looks.

Simone won ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 13

From the very first episode of season 13, Symone charmed the audience with her southern roots and electrifying stage presence. As the season progressed, she showed a more vulnerable side and how the Symone character gives her the confidence to live authentically, both in and out of drag.

Simone shined in many challenges, picking up four wins throughout the season. But she also stumbled at times, finishing in the bottom two for her performances in the Rusical and Roast Challenges.

Symone served looks all season

Early in the season, RuPaul noticed that Symone had “star quality.” With every step she took onto the main stage, that star quality was evident in the way Symone carried herself.

Throughout the season, Symone delivered iconic looks, some of which have already become memorable in the Drag Race universe. Many of her looks – like her durag train and beaded braids – celebrated black culture; RuPaul also praised her for bringing the Black Lives Matter message to the runway with her simple but powerful fascinator look.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Some of Symone’s looks were done by this ‘Drag Race’ queen’s mother

For her red nail look, Symone collaborated with Gigi Goode and Marko Monroe of House of Avalon

On the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13, the final four queens had to perform three different looks at the show’s first-ever Grand Finale Ball. Symone’s look for the “Red” category was a relatively simple dress with a unique detail: it was made entirely out of long, red nails. To match her dress, Symone wore similarly long nails on her hands and feet.

The star of the look, however, was her hair, which was shaped into two blonde ponytails, each attached to her head with two “hands” that featured the same acrylic nails.

In a recent interview with Allure, two of Symone’s collaborators who helped bring the look to life spoke about the experience: designer Marko Monroe and fellow Drag Race finalist Gigi Goode.

“We sprayed on all the nails, which Michael Brambila then used for the garment. I started with my hands, making a wire armature,” Monroe explained. “I figured it would be difficult to hold the shape with just hair, so I used knitting wool to build up the sculpture and created the larger nails out of dollar store folders and spray paint.”

“Through this process, I learned a lot about the history of black hair and the different types of tools, products and techniques needed to create styles like this,” Goode added. “A mixture of gel, mousse and improvised materials from the hardware store, like wire, adjustable construction helmets and zip ties, helped bring the hair to life.”

“I feel like people really enjoy this look, it makes you smile and it feels good,” Monroe concluded. “It’s iconic.”


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