Royal expert in worry about Prince Harry: Allegedly only a “shadow of his former self”


Angela Levin accompanied Prince Harry for 15 months

Faxes at public appearances, nude pictures and an almost unköniglich nice openness in dealing with the common people: Where has he gone, the funny and wild Prince Harry (36), who with his escapades has almost brought the Queen out of her otherwise so ironclad composure one or the other time? That’s what royal expert Angela Levin, author of the book “Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018,” is currently asking. The prince is only a “shadow of his former self,” she says. And who is to blame? America!

From “action guy” to “fairy do-gooder”

In the “Sunday Telegraph,” Angela Levin explains how much the Megxit and the move with Meghan (39) to the United States has changed Harry. An “action guy” has become a “fairy good guy” who is even starting to lose his British accent, the author finds. She is sure that the prince misses the royal family, Great Britain and his royal duties. Angela Levin also expresses surprise that while Harry has always complained about being only “second” behind Prince William, he now allows himself to be eclipsed and harnessed by Meghan for her projects without any opposition.

“During the 15 months I was privileged to spend with him, he displayed an extraordinary mix of royal star quality, approachability, confidence and nonsense potential. This combination made him a person who could immediately connect with people of all backgrounds and ages,” Angela Levin recalls of Prince Harry. He was particularly wonderful, she says, in his dealings with people who were not doing well mentally or physically.

Where was Harry when everyone was clapping for the National Health Service?

Especially now in times of the Corona pandemic, Harry would do the British well with this positive charisma. But he sits far from his home in Santa Barbara and currently mainly supports his wife’s charitable activities. Angela Levin draws the comparison to Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (38), who have publicly thanked nurses and doctors for their efforts in recent months: “When everyone clapped for the NHS, including the Cambridges, it would have been great to hear something from Harry, too.”


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