Ron Howard’s Father Rance Was Cast in Episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” How Did Ron Howard’s Father Rance Get Cast in Episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show”


Rance Howard, the father of young Ronny Howard, was one of the lesser-known behind-the-scenes characters on The Andy Griffith Show.

Despite the fact that he was acting as a stage dad on that show is set, he was a well-known actor. Rance not only changed the tone of the comedy for the better, but he also guest-starred in several episodes.

Rance Howard was the epitome of a stage father – in the greatest possible sense.

Ron was just 6 years old when The Andy Griffith Show premiered in 1960, and he could not read yet.

The director of Cinderella Man claimed to the Television Academy Foundation that his father “taught me my lines.” I was unable to read.”

Rance, who worked as an actor, promised to “teach me the dialogue.” The most important thing he accomplished for me was to give me good, solid acting principles. My father was instructing me on how to act.”

Last Tuesday would have been Andy’s 95th birthday. Andy was second only to Dad as the most powerful male influence in my early childhood, as I write in THE BOYS, the memoir I co-wrote with my brother, Clint. (This snapshot was taken by my father.) The book will be released on October 12th, and you can preorder it here: EmxHFInnLV (

June 4, 2021 — Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward)

Despite the fact that Rance and his wife Jean recognized their son’s aptitude, they did not put any pressure on him to act, and they made it plain that he did not have to sign on to the Griffith Show.

“’You do not have to do this,’ my parents always said. They would sit me down every now and then and say, ‘You do not have to act on the show if you do not want to.’ It is not for us that you are doing it.’ “I recall some pretty mature conversation about it,” he said.

Ron Howard’s father discussed how he was cast on the “Griffith Show.”

In an interview with the YouTube channel “Two Chairs, No Waiting” (a reference to Floyd the… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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