Richard Branson’s Top 6 Near-Death Experiences Have Been Revealed


Richard Branson’s Top 6 Near-Death Experiences Have Been Revealed

Richard Branson, the millionaire entrepreneur, has had his fair share of near-death encounters due to his adventurous temperament and love for risk-taking even before his trip to space this weekend.

Branson embarked on possibly the greatest trip of his nearly 71-year life on Sunday. Branson traveled to the edge of space aboard his Virgin Galactic spaceship, where he was treated to a stunning view of Earth as well as a few minutes of weightlessness.

After landing, Branson told CBS News, “I had dreamed of this moment since I was a child, but nothing could prepare you for the view of Earth from space.” “It was very magical….” I’m simply taking everything in; it’s surreal.”

Branson had almost escaped death countless times before to his space voyage as a result of his many misadventures over the years. From his memoirs “Finding My Virginity,” here are six of the most ridiculous interactions the billionaire has ever had, in his own words.

In 1972, I was newly married and lost at sea.

“Survived a fishing boat sinking off the coast of Mexico while on honeymoon with my first wife, Kristen. We chose to jump from the boat and swim to shore while the others remained on board — we were the only ones to make it.”

In 1980, a helpful hand saved his life.

“While wandering around Necker Island, I stubbed my toe and fell into a huge abyss. I was able to get my hand on the other side, and Steve Barron was able to save me by pulling me up before I dropped to my death on the jagged rocks below.”

Freefalling with no restrictions – 1986

“When I went skydiving for the first time, there was one cord that opened the parachute and another that closed it. By accident, I pulled the wrong cord. Before an instructor yanked my extra ripcord, I was flying through the air.”

1987: A flight above the clouds

“I lost my co-pilot on the same challenge when Per dived into the Atlantic, leaving me alone in the hot-air balloon as it vanished back above the clouds. I was convinced that I was going to pass away. During that unforgettable trip, I managed to crash the balloon into the North Sea and was rescued by helicopter.”

A gruesome spectacle – 2004

“As part of my TV show ‘The Rebel Billionaire,’ I agreed to do a bungee leap from Victoria Falls.” As I was falling. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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