‘RHOD’: Tiffany Moon breaking silence on Brandi Redmond and her friend status


The Real Housewives of Dallas was joined by Tiffany Moon in season 5. The anesthesiologist came in during a pivotal moment on the show involving Brandi Redmond. Moon was the first housewife of Asian descent to be cast as a full-time housewife on the Bravo reality series and was a breath of fresh air. Her friendship with Moon was rocky throughout Season 5 and the doctor informs fans about where she stands with Redmond now.

So what did Brandi Redmond have to say about Asians?

Following the reunion in season 4, a social media video went viral in which Redmond made fun of Asians. Redmond received great backlash from viewers and some even started a petition to remove her from the series. The former cheerleader apologized and went into therapy to deal with the aftermath.

By the time RHOD season 5 premiered, the elephant in the room was addressed rather quickly. Redmond revealed that she had suicidal thoughts after the eclat and it was hard for her to process everything. In her mind, she didn’t feel like she was being racist, but Moon explained why.

Born in China and immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, Moon was exposed to racism as a child. She explained that kids made fun of her eyes and it’s something that still hurts her.

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Though things were going smoothly between Moon and Redmond, the latter said during a casting trip that she didn’t feel comfortable around the doctor. The redhead said that she didn’t know how to act around her. And things went a little sour after that, as it was Redmond’s problem, not Moon’s.

Tiffany Moon recalls her time with Brandi Redmond.

As RHOD season 5 draws to a close, Moon is reminiscing about her time on the series. In a recent interview, she recalled what her first encounter with Redmond was like.

“The first time Brandi and I hung out, I tried to talk to her about my immigration to America and how I saw her video that she had posted a long time ago,” Moon told E! News. “I told her it was in poor taste and the reason she probably got so many reactions to it was because it was hurtful to a lot of people because it reminded them of their childhood traumas of dealing with racism and micro-aggressions.”

Month said Redmond told her she didn’t mean to be racist and was just trying to be funny.

“I said, ‘Girl, I believe you. I totally believe you.’ Let’s move on, let’s be silly, let’s have fun,” Moon said she told Redmond after their conversation.

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Moon recalls that things changed during her trip to Austin when Redmond told her she was uncomfortable, something that surprised the anesthesiologist.

“After that, it was good and we had a lot of fun,” Moon continued. “That’s what I mean by the roller coaster, we were up and we were down and we were up and we were down.

Are Brandi Redmond and Tiffany Moon friends?

With the end of the series, the RHOD ladies don’t have to see each other anymore. However, Moon said she “gets along well with Brandi” and “doesn’t think anything bad about her.”

“She had a beautiful baby girl not too long ago. I sent her a basket of gifts for her baby and a beautiful pink little Hermes blanket and told her, ‘You know, you’ve been through so much this season, I just hope you and I are in a good place now,'” Moon explained.

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“And she replied back and said, ‘Thank you so much for the baby gift. I’m going to have it embroidered with her name and everything.’ So I think we’re in a good place.”

Moon has her concerns about where she stands with the ladies, as she also said she believed she was good with them and it turned out not to be reciprocated. For now, however, Moon is hopeful that she could “have a good friendship in the future” with Redmond.


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