Recap of Katey Sagal’s ‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 7: ‘Race’


Recap of Katey Sagal’s ‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 7: ‘Race’

Because there was so much going on in Katey Sagal Rebel TV Series Episode 7, “Race,” viewers will need a fast summary.

Annie “Rebel” Flynn Ray Bello’s battle against Stonemore and the damaged heart valves continues. Julian Cruz (Andy Garcia), against Rebel’s desires, seeks a new source to help locate proof that the heart valve is malfunctioning.

Meanwhile, after Angela Foyer (Sharon Lawrence) runs her off the road, private investigator Lana (Tamala Jones) examines her further. Ziggy (Ariela Barer) enlists the support of Cassidy (Lex Scott Davis), Rebel, and Grady Bello (John Corbett) to fight for her classmates who were wrongfully expelled from high school.

[Warning: This article includes spoilers for Episode 7 of the Rebel TV Series.]

Cruz wishes to exume his dead wife in the seventh episode of the ‘Rebel’ TV series.

When Rebel TV Series Episode 7 premiered, Cruz brought his daughter Carmen and son Matteo to breakfast and asked them to exhume their mother’s remains in order to obtain Sharon’s heart valve.

Rebel remembered Sharon begging her to take Cruz out on a date so she could get out of the house. Sharon made a commitment to her family that they would chose “joy” instead of mourning her death.

His children were opposed to the proposal, but they gave Cruz their blessing.

Episode 7 of the Rebel TV series recap: Ziggy

Mallory and Bianca, Ziggy’s friends, were expelled for fighting after a Varsity volleyball game. They were, however, the team’s only Black and Latina members, as well as the only two expelled. To bring him to the firm with the girls and their parents, Rebel lied to the athletic director.

Cassidy, her lawyer daughter, then came to question the coach. He justified his behavior by arguing that the females had acted in an unsportsmanlike manner. He, on the other hand, did not witness the brawl. Cassidy threatened to have his Olympic medal taken away if he didn’t… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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